As long as you keep customers informed, they will understand the problems.

Well the thing is, you have no control over shipping delays.

So really all we just need do is to inform the people who are waiting for their items, that there is a delay in shipping the item. Well, apologies are not required!

But typically the transit time is 14 to 21 days. Imagine if you regularly order things with 3-5 day Super Saver Shipping, and they consistently arrive 1-2 days later. You might get used to this and assume it to always be the case.

In a world where human psychology doesn’t come into play, it’s absolutely a worse customer experience to artificially delay shipping. However, that’s not the world 2gule has to operate in. By preventing customers from getting an incorrect impression of the shipping speed provided.

The very bad customer experience of not having their items in time can be prevented, and that’s why I can say, the delivery time is between 14-21 days upon receiving your item at our US address, but we can’t promise. 

The customs process is tricky, the best thing about 2gule is that we take care of all the customs clearance for all items and the receiver just needs to pick his/her item at our Offices.

The customs clearance generally takes a day & sometimes more & if there’s some customs fee to be paid. So basically there’s no definite answer for any shipment since there are a lot of variables to the process.

We shall always try our best to overcome such problems in order to gain loyalty and also fulfill our Brand promise!.

Buy from the US receive in Uganda.