I usually don’t like AI because I didn’t have a use of it when it was officially out but google just threw me out of the ballpark with this one.

What we really want from Google is reliable software/hardware. I’ve been watching videos and reviews on a Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel Watch 2 since release and have not been impressed by the experience.

Maybe it’s related to your implementation of AI into products. Maybe it’s cause google fired 12,000 people recently. Who can say?

But many apps/features that used to work fine on reviewers Pixel 3 XL have had major issues recently. I believe users want google assistant to reliably set notifications and alarms without creating a new alarm every time I say “Set an alarm for 30 minutes
At least gave a way to mass delete the ridiculous amount of alarms (used to be a feature, but was removed).

We never want to have situations where text messages stop sending for extended periods of time until we restart the phone.

I’m not psyched about what they will do to search. Feels like they are taking options away and just present exactly what they want me to see (even more so than what they are doing now).

The results will be skewed towards whatever companies paid the most. We want our options, Google.