There’s no sure way to determine that right now..

Who knows how long it will take the SELLER to “process” the order and get it into the hands of USPS. Not all sellers ship out your order the same day that you order it.

They could easily be backed up with orders right now.. or they may have a company policy that allows them some time to fill the order.
For example, the company that I work for, 2gule. We are only shipping twice a month right now because some items are perishable and there have been lots of instances of delays in shipping. So we only ship at the beginning of the month so that our clients’ products don’t sit and spoil in a shipping warehouse over the whole month.

There are all kinds of shipping delays going on right now due to the pandemic. None of the shipping companies are honouring any time guarantees (we have been learning this the hard way).

Speed of delivery depends upon the festive season, time is consuming by the customs office or due to other factors, delivery would become late.

It is your hunch, if you wish to buy from the US and receive in Uganda, for this I wishes you – Happy Shopping!