For many people who wish to buy something from the USA to Uganda, the whole shipping procedure seems impossible and difficult.

Many business ideas and revelations can vanish because of the difficulties in transporting products and items from overseas to Uganda. Many potential businessmen may be disheartened by the seemingly hard task.

But this is a common misconception. Shipping items from the USA to Uganda is a many-step procedure, but it is not so hard. If you stick with the rules.

The stages of transportation for your product fall into intervals. This makes sure the costs are clear. There are a few stages through which the product passes through and all these stages impose a certain price on the end shipping cost. These stages include:

Seller to our US warehouse addrress transportation:

After checking out the cost price, the seller awaits confirmation from the buyer. Once the buyer confirms and approves the payment, the seller arranges a commute for the product.

This takes it from the seller to our warehouse in Massachusetts (ma·suh·choo·suhts) for transport. This cost of transportation is added to the net total quotation.

Shipping Freight Cost

Freight cost is one of the most fundamental expenses when it comes to international shipping. Freight cost means the charges imposed by the shipping from the entrepôt of Departure to entrepôt of Destination. For items transported via freight, there is a number of dues that pop up.

These include the costs due to the international shipping and the costs from the seller’s end. But other than that, it also includes the costs imposed by the local authorities.

For self-purchases, the shipping of goods is a long and complex procedure and therefore a substantial amount of funds is required. We charge $15 per KG.

Does 2gule have free shipping?

When we say free shipping, we should keep in mind that it doesn’t exactly mean that. Free shipping is shown by sellers by remaining vague about it.

The costs are just added in some other way and it is shown as if the shipping is free but it is actually not. This is done by some sellers. It is not a recognized trait of 2gule. It is just done by some sellers. For example, Amazon offers free shipping for items $20 and above.

So, technically, we can say that online retailers can provide free shipping. But it is not something that you can count on in their favour as they secretly charge you for it. (secretly)

There is much to know #About2gule Shipping Cost. I have discussed some of the pros and cons of each stage. You can use any of these methods, depending on the nature of your needs. 2gule to the world.

Buy from the US receive in Uganda.