We strongly believe in the benefits of being able to shop and buy across borders (otherwise we wouldn’t be here, right?).

The ability to shop from your favourite US sites and then have your much-loved purchases shipped to you is a pretty exciting concept, don’t you agree? But beyond being able to ship your items, is the ability to buy your items, and at a reasonable price & of the expected quality!

Couple of people ask me and the rest of the team, WHY THE U.S? why not china, why not Japan, why not Sudan, etc.

Think about it, sometimes you’re on the hunt for a specific product, only to find that it’s not available in a retail store near you. Other times, you manage to seek it out online only to find that it’s twice the price that the US online stores are charging.

However, “PRICE” is not any of our target market worry. Let’s face it, every online shopper’s concern is Authenticity

When you look at the tag of your shirt, and it says “Made in Bangladesh”, what does it mean to you?

For most people, a reputation for each country exists in their brains. The same Bangladeshi shirt coming instead from Germany or Brazil or China or the USA could evoke different perceptions to a consumer. Although the United States ranked #10 in The World’s Most Respected ‘Made In’ Labels after countries like Germany, Japan, Sweden, and Canada, we can still dive a little deeper yet.

In the same survey, Americans were specifically asked about the categories of goods for which they thought the U.S. was a “strong production country”. Here are the results:

Made in the USA

While there are generally a lot of concerns about lower standards of quality control from manufacturers in other countries, the manufacturers that do get marketing approval in the US generally are the manufacturers that have higher standards of quality control.

Why? Counterfeiting, food poisoning and poor quality products remain major issues in some countries and shoppers perceive U.S. and foreign products as safer and more trustworthy than domestic goods.

But for international shoppers, it’s more like:

Add items to your cart, get annoyed that tax and duty aren’t calculated, scratch your head about shipping, fumble over payment options, wait weeks for delivery, wonder where your package is, get your package stuck at customs, pay for customs…

Whoa. That’s way too much work. It’s frustrating, we know.

Well, we think that our services take the frustration out of shopping and brings the fun back in. 2gule, Buy from the US receive in Uganda.