You’re probably wondering what 2Gule is? Well, Ugandans at large have never been fans of importing goods because of the various red tape associated with it. Have you tried to shop online from for instance AMAZON, FASHIONOVA, or even eBay for your favorite products but decided against it because the Sites don’t ship to Uganda?

In this digital age, when consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements, they crave something that is honest and authentic. And, 2gule caters to this need. We’re making consumers trust us by connecting them with only authentic products with fair prices and simplifying the buying process.

Most importantly, we’re approaching online purchases the way we approach building new relationships, trust and authenticity.

The 2GULE EXPERIENCE is here to help you buy WHAT YOU WANT, WHEN YOU WANT, AT THE BEST PRICE & have it delivered straight to you. There is no need to GIVE UP & settle for counterfeit products on the market because you can’t get what you want from the USA/ UK or Canada.


All you have to do is go online & look for the products you want then visit our socials or website & send us a link to your product, or just a simple description of the items you want to buy from the USA/ UK & Canada & we will send you a quotation with the total cost including; Cost of product, shipping costs & TAXES on arrival.

CONGRATULATIONS, you can then pay 60% of the total price after which we BUY, SHIP & pay for your taxes on arrival, all in under 2-3 WEEKS.

After the initial purchase, we go back to a platform if we know it sells authentic items, is transparent with its pricing and promotions, and strives to build trust with its customers.

You can then pay the 40% after receiving your product from #2GULE

In a last-chance effort to turn people’s mindsets around, 2GULE has been established to cater for the loopholes currently present in importation market space. We promise to offer a seamless experience from the point the customer places the order, up to when we make the delivery. We also promise to offer security as the client only has to pay 60% & 40% upon delivery of the goods. 


Your Number one online shopping platform in Uganda. When you have tried out the rest, Come Check-out the BEST.